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Mother Mary Pre & Nursery School

Unit Of Mother Mary Education Trust- Since 1983

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Pre Schools in Domlur

Mother Mary Pre & Nursery School: Excellence in Education For The Last 35 years

pre schools in domlur

Pre Schools in domlur are popularly referred to as nursery schools, Play schools &  kindergarten schools as well.

The Pre-School industry has exploded in India. According to the education department of Karnataka –  all pre schools in domlur are suppose to provide education to children above the age of 2.3 years. But yet so many pre schools in Bangalore accept students below that particular legal age  .

The problem is that the preschools in Bangalore ( or India for that matter) is not regulated, and a lot of family owned ( mom & dad) pre schools are opening up in Bangalore, and they land up taking any and all age groups only to make a quick buck. These kind of nursery schools can prove to be very risky for the parents as these facilities are not really trained in this industry & don’t really know what and how to teach, not to mention in case of any problems these “mom & pops” don’t really know how to solve that problem..

Everyone knows that 90% of start-ups fail and that is the same problem with most pre schools in Domlur. In any given year you will find so many nursery schools shutting down, in fact in Domulr we actually bought over a poorly maintained preschool and turned it into a high end facility under our own name.

Mother Mary pre & nursery school is part of a fully functional EDUCATION TRUST known as Mother Mary Education Trust and we have been providing education to our community for the last 35 years. Recently we celebrated our 35th anniversary – where we also gave out free admissions to so many children within our community.

Apart from our pre school in Domlur we also have 2 high schools in Bangalore. Our Education trust has more than 1000 students in total and we also take pride in saying that we have educated  10’s of thousands of students in 35 years.

The problem with most pre schools in India is that most schools are only looking at franchising and profit gaining.  We at mother Mary pre & nursery school have a strict policy of not issuing franchises to outsiders as we believe that this ruins the image of any education facility. We strongly focus on providing high quality education ONLY ( income generation is always secondary to us ).



Our Founder – CAPT. Augustan Slim is a retired Army Officer, and its his discipline and ideologies that has made our education trust Last the test of time.

“With regards to your child’s education, the early years are the single most important aspect for a parent. A good preschool lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. It is a proven fact that children who have attended a good preschool – score higher in their exams and are less likely to repeat a particular class”




Waldorf Method of Teaching:

We at Mother Mary follow the Waldorf System Of Education. The Waldorf System of education is growing in popularity – particularly for kids in this age group. Consider this small example of how the Waldorf System of education works –  Instead of showing the child a apple in a book or on a tv screen- our teachers actually bring a apple to class to demonstrate to the children.  The students not only get to see the apple- but they also get to touch, feel, smell and taste the apple as well .


Here Are Some Of Our Schools Major Highlights:

> Female Staff Members ONLY

> Waldorf Method Of Education

> Complete Audio & Video Learning Sessions

> Equal Time Allotted For Learning & Playing

> Monthly Payment Fees Structure

> Carry Forward Your Child’s Education To Our Primary & High School

And…so much more




ADMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN For The Year 2019 – 20.

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Pre Schools in domlur