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Mother Mary Pre & Nursery School

Unit Of Mother Mary Education Trust- Since 1983

About Us

“With regards to your child’s education, the early years are the single most important aspect for a parent. A good preschool lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. It is a proven fact that children who have attended a good preschool score higher in their exams and are less likely to repeat a particular class”

CPT. Augustan Slim

Our Founder CPT.AUGUSTAN SLIM & IRENE SLIM came into the education field because of their passion to teach and spread knowledge to everyone around them. It is thanks to this passion that they formed MOTHER MARY EDUCATION TRUST 35 years ago. Our Trust has managed to educate thousands of student from different areas within Bangalore. We have always been a “student-focused ” organization and have committed ourselves to making a difference within our community. We are proud to say that in the last 30 years we have helped to generate many Professionals in various fields like Medicine, Education, IT, Management etc.

As off today our trust consists of more than 1200 students and is a well-known name within the community. Our Trust comprises of one high school and 2 individual preschools. Our Highly qualified staff have dedicated their life’s to the advancement of children within our institutions. Love, Guidance & knowledge is what we believe in, and is also the credo of the Trust.

Our pre & nursery school divisions are high-end facilities that provide high-end education services to children over the age of 2.6 years. Our Program curriculum is a Perfect Balance between Class Room Sessions & Playing Time. Our Teaching is based on experimental and social learning where we focus on reading, listening, writing, activities and playing sessions. Our facility is extremely spacious and colorfully entertaining for every child. Our preschool is fully equipped with various children appropriate books, toys, and learning aids.

In the recent years, we have noticed that preschools have followed a profiting agenda. With our school, we don’t focus on franchises or any other monetary agenda (in spite of many offers from the outside world). We strongly believe that quality of service in this industry is very important, and since we have no control over the management of other franchises, we are strongly against the very concept itself.

We are split into two preschool campuses, one in new thippasandra and the other in Domlur. Our institutions are designed to provide a wide spectrum of formative education for children from various sectors in Bangalore.

Admissions Open 2018-19

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